ap product news: Audi A5


On the used car market, the Audi A5 is always getting more interesting. It does not matter whether it is the A5 Coupe / S5 Coupe from June 2007 or the Audi A5 / S5 Sportback that were introduced in 2009. Except for the Audi RS5, ap Sportfahrwerke has lowering springs and coilovers for all A5 versions available. Even for the quattro models!

The ap springs allow a decent lowering of 25 millimeters at the front axle and 20 millimeters at the rear axle. The ap springs that only cost 180,88 Euro can be re-installed at any time without a great installation effort by a qualified body shop and therefore they are also an interesting option for leased cars.

With the ap coilovers, the Audi can be lowered by up to 55 millimeters within the TÜV certificate on both axles. In addition, the ap coilover suspension increase the handling and still have a sufficient residual comfort. For the successful Show & Shine appearance, the residual thread on the front axle allows another lowering.

The ap coilover kit is already available for 629,51 Euro plus shipping at www.ap.de/ap-gewindefahrwerk-stahl-verzinkt-11.html.

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