ap Girl / Car Photo shooting 2015/2016 the decision


Finally, the time has come. Our jury consisting of our photographers and graphic artists as well as our staff from the marketing department, has made the difficult decision. Our 13 ap Girl – finalists were selected from over 100 applicants. Consciously, the jury made sure that we have completely different girls in the final – the selection of the girls should be as varied as the possibilities of tuning!

We want to tell our participants:

„You all were great! Probably a different jury would have had a different result. Beauty and charisma is something subjective and if you ask two people, you will get at least three different opinions. Our jury had a hard time and besides the results (the pictures) we have also considered the impressions on the set.  Finally, we would like the ap Girl to come with us to some events. This job is something completely different than a photo shooting. Different talents are required. What made us very happy was the fact that all girls got along with each other, there was no bitching (of course there was a certain tenseness, but that´s normal at two hard days like we had). All in all everything was going very professional, relaxed and disciplined. At this point, we would like to express our appreciation again to all the girls. Even if you are not within our top, I would like to tell you, to keep going in this business, collect and further extend your experiences. You have what it takes to succeed as a model. I would be happy to see one or another next year again when we are looking for the ap Girl 2016/2017. “

Let´s start with the 3rd place – here two participants have reached the same score:
Selina Köstl – the beautiful Austrian convinced by her confident appearance and her presence in front of the camera. We could notice that she had fun at the photo shoot. Here she plays out her erotic, almost Mediterranean charisma. Her curves are in the right place, we think, she is simply HOT!

Julia Sokolov (22) – after her 2nd place last year, Julia entered the shooting already a bit as the favorite – but as we have changed some jury members this year, everything was still open.
Julia shines through her naturalness and ease. Her red hair and her slim figure make the trainee to a real eye catcher. It was amazing to see that she has improved her posing significantly since last year, the photographer barely had to give any instructions – we met Julia the first time back then in Saarbrücken via the tuning scene. She was there with her boyfriend and watched the shooting very attentive, in the next year of course, the application followed. This year she was “only” able to reach the 3rd place, but this is certainly an insane success with all these competitors.

Sonja Szwalek  (23) – surprised our team by her insane power! The professional dancer never stood still and always spread a good mood by her very nature, even when things were not going so well. You can tell that the trained kindergarden teacher gets along with people and can handle stressful situations well. Her posing and her charisma were unique – the body sensation gained by dancing surprised the photographers and ultimately the jury. She also convinced as one of the main actresses in our video. For this reason, surprising and at the same time absolutely deserved, the 2nd place for the beautiful Sonja from Berkamen.

Sarai Kuhrt (27) – Wow… while the ratings of the other candidates were so close together, at Sarai we had a unique jury-result! Of the six jury members, she was elected 5 times at 1st place and only once at 2nd place. We never before had such a clear result. During the event, she behaved more discreetly. Quite different when the camera was focused on her, here she showed presence and the willing to get the perfect result. She would even interrupt the shoot when something was disturbing, like when she had the feeling that her makeup wasn´t 100% anymore. This, however, was not to distinguish herself, but always committed to the cause and the shooting. So you had the feeling that she didn´t take herself as important, but she would put the work and the result in the foreground. A very important feature, especially at a car shooting. Her way to pose is unique and complex, she was able to get into a completely different role from one second to another. She worked with the photographer without paying attention to the camera, but to see the picture as a whole … She has captured the scene and wanted to make it a work of art. Sarai has certainly a lot of experience, but additionally, a lot of talent. We congratulate her to this victory and the title ap Girl 2015/2016 – we will hopefully work together sometimes in the upcoming months.

Author: Thomas Schuster
Michael Schulz http://www.fotostudio-x.com/
Frank Schwichtenberg http://www.fotografie-schwichtenberg.de/
Tobias Huber http://photodesign-huber.de/
Hair and Makeup Artist: Irina Medusa  https://www.facebook.com/irinamedusa?fref=ts

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