Streetculture goes Augsburg


More than 150.000 visitors in the year 2014! Who else can show such numbers? Streetculture came a long way from a small meeting of friends at a gas station to a gigantic event in just a few years. In the moment we have Streetculture events in Munich-Aschheim, Schweinfurt and from now on in Augsburg. And we visited this grand opening in Augsburg last saturday for you.

Official start: 9 pm. But about 5000 registrations on Facebook and some discussions of guests to start from nearby locations as early as 7 pm made even us a little bit nervous. So, we decided to squeeze four of us in one Mustang (to save parking space for others) and to arrive at the location at XXXL Lutz in Augsburg around 8.30 pm, which means 30 minutes early. Well, what we saw when we arrived was just a decent foretaste of the things to come. Everything was already packed with tuning cars of all brands, from every country and from almost all centuries. And if I say everything I mean everything. The heart of Tuning, just right here.

Fortunately, the stewards opened the event area just shortly after 8.30 pm and we just needed to wait for approximately 5 more minutes. We dropped our car at an abandoned corner of the huge parking area, because we weren`t here to get a trophy for the car. Our mission was: writing an article, making some good pictures, meeting old friends and see as much cars as possible. Talking about trophies: At the end of the event there were given away 30 trophies to 30 cars, chosen by all the guests. Audi, Opel and VW will be the top 3 some ours later but thats another Story.

In addition the event offers a sexy photoshoot, a sexy carwash, some dealers and „thank god“ some kiosks offering food. The „pulled pork“ isn`t exactly cheap but very tasty and it gives us enough energy for the next hours of walking around this gigantic area, talking, watching and taking Pictures.

But lets talk about the cars: A Lamborghini is just pulling into a parking spot nearby while a Ferrari, a Hummer H2 and a brand new Corvette are rolling through the entrance. More than 50 percent of the cars are probably the german brands of Audi, Opel, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Here comes a roaring CLS and there are some really fine restored Opel Kadetts. In the Japanese corner we got to see some Mazda MPS, some Nissan Silvia, a bunch of Z350 and Z370, some STI`s, an Evo and even a Nissan Skyline GTR. If you rather prefer the Muscles from the US of A you will also be lucky. First of all, we are not the only ones who arrived with a Mustang. And than we got some Challenger, Charger and Camaros as well as some mixed cars from the golden muscle car years. A DeLorean lurks shimmering in the darkness and looks like as it just came back from the future. A perfect copy of the famous Kitt is still a crowd puller. In short words – there is much more to see than I can list here. So, lets just say – there is something for every taste!

Radio controlled cars are drifting over the tarmac, a little boy is riding in his little electric toy car with under car illumination, pounding bass is in the air and the girls are dancing on stage.

In short words – the first Streetculture Augsburg was a great car and tuning event in the best sense of the word. Of course, there is always some trouble if such a big amount of cars drives to a certain point at the same time, but isn`t that the same on the start of summer vacation on the way to Italy or in front of the Olympia stadium in Munich at big concert? The entrance fee of 5 Euro person/car is absolutely ok in my opinion because its just such a nice event and maybe its just the right time to say thank you to the organizers. And by the way, have you ever thought about all the stuff happening at the exact same time just some kilometers away at the Munich Oktoberfest? At Streetculture, nobody drinks alcohol, there are no fights going on and nobody pukes at all. Maybe it`s just time to rethink the whole tuning topic on some higher instances? Anyway, we are looking forward to 2016 because we have heard that Streetculture will surprise us with something big in Regensburg!

Pictures: Andreas Leffler

Text: Andreas Leffler

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