Flying high – The ap road trip into the mountains


It`s the end of october, the leaves are falling from the trees and the first snow seems to be like around the corner. Time to rear up for a last time before we all will bring our cars back home for their well deserved 4-5 month of winter sleep. Together with Asphalthelden we are planning a road trip right into the great mountain area of bavaria, driving along the river Isar and passing five wonderful natural lakes, going up high as 1000 meters above the ocean.


Shortly after our first announcement we got almost 60 candidacies but we had planned the trip only for 15-30 cars. So, the selection itself was already pretty interesting.

In the week before the event the weather forecast changed like two times at every day. They predicted snow, rain, sun and it got pretty thrilling for us. Right at the day before the trip we had a big discussion with some of the drivers if it would make any sense to wash the cars.

Day of the road trip, 7.40 in the morning
20 minutes early we are arriving at our prearranged meeting point at an outskirt of Munich and its already pretty packed. Obviously, most of the participants got up really early and now they are waiting for the things to come. They are coming from all different areas of Bavaria and one couple even came from the Saarland. Well that`s real enthusiasm!

ap Herbstausfahrt

Our plan in advance was to get a god mixture from all different carmakers, build years, tuning- and power stages. This time nobody was required to own/drive products from AP. The whole organization of the road trip was just a big thank you to all the drivers, tuners and car-Lovers for another great season.

First stage: Neuried- Starnberg-Wolfratshausen
A week before the trip was scheduled everybody already got a roadbook from us. So we could start right on time at 8’o clock in the morning. The first part leads us though the wonderful nature of Mühlthal from Neuried to Starnberg. At that moment we are still rolling pretty much organized in one big convoy while the clouds are hanging pretty low between the trees. But it already looks like, that the sun will come out shortly and our mood gets better an better. From Starnberg we are heading for the Interstate to Wolfratshausen. Twenty minutes of coffee break are scheduled there.

Finally getting a XXL Cappuccino in my hand, I find some time to have a second and more precise look at the 30 cars. As you may expect in the Munich area, there is a majority of BMW`s but we also have a good choice of Nissan, Honda, Audi and some other brands. Surprisingly, we also attracted three Ford Mustangs and we have a little battle for „oldest“ car going on. On one site we have a VW Golf convertible from Andreas and on the other side we have the Porsche 928 S4 from Fabian.

It turns out that the Porsche is from 1988 and the Golf from 1989. So the Porsche gets the title of the oldest car in the group. But, time flies and we need to hit the road again. I offer everybody to ride with different cars from stage to stage. That would give me the opportunity to get to know the owners a little bit better and in addition it would give me more possibilities to shoot some pictures.

Second stage: Wolfratshausen-Benediktbeuern-Kochel am See
First I join Manu and her boyfriend with their Honda Civic FK2. That`s the couple from the Saarland. Well, I have to say I am not much of a Honda Civic specialist, especially not of the FK2. So I am really positively surprised about the space and the interior. After having a shot but very heartfelt discussion with those guys I switch to Diana`s car at half way. Her BMW 540i E34 with 286 friendly horsepowers is supposed to go faster than 300 km/h. Diana drives pretty sporty, so I kind a believe all the facts she is telling me about her car.

And while the next stage of our journey comes close really quick, a little problem arises. Obviously some of the drivers did not read the roadbook to well and they probably figured out the plan just to follow my Nissan 350Z. Basically a good plan, the only problem is – I am sitting in Diana`s BMW and the driver of my Z has not much idea of the route either. At least, this gives me enough time in Kochel, our second stage, to make a lot of pictures of some cars coming down the street a little late. Shortly after, we all meet again down at the Kochel lake.

The clouds have almost vanished by now and still, the tourists are not out there. Seems we are really lucky today. This gives us enough possibility to line up in front of this gorgeous nature and to take tons of pictures. Wanna see some highlights?

How about a really good restored Honda CRX ED9 who was already pretty fast behind me back on the Autobahn, a Nissan Skyline R32 GTST, the former AP carselection winner Aris and his black BMW E60 from 2003, a perfectly fine looking Nissan 300ZX, two Audi S3 and the very famous „Hulk“ BMW 550i which has so many modifications that I could fill this article with them.

Third stage: Kochel-Walchensee
There are not much possibilities to get lost at that stage, so I take some time before I join Fabian in his Porsche 928 S4. I think, just the right car for all the serpentines up the mountains in front of us. Without any stress but with great sound and a nice „boys-chat“ about girls and cars we are arriving the village of Walchensee and the lake with the same name nearby.

Because of the big amount of cars we need to occupy two parking-lots but thats ok.

In the meantime we have, what we call „Kaiswerwetter“. That means – weather for an emporer or to say it in short words – it is just sunny and really amazing up here. Enjoy the sunshine, its almost like a vacation. Daniel opens his trunk and we get some music out of the 1500 watt subwoofers out of his BMW series 1. But before somebody start to change into swimming shorts we have to go on, because most of the guys are really hungry by now. It`s almost lunch time.

Fourth stage: Walchensee-Mittenwald
And there comes a road-trip with a lady. Well, not exactly a lady in flesh and blood but Daniel and Ray both came with there Nissan Silvias and Daniel invites me for a ride with his lady. Being a gentleman, I accept the offer and I am really looking forward to the first ride with a right-hand-drive car of the day. For me – Japanese sports cars from the 90s are a constant reminder of my youth and they still offer this very basic and originally way of sports car driving. Valves are blowing, the gear box works with a clicking sound and all that while some shoulder harnesses are squeezing you into the seat. And because this old lady Silvia has some really fast legs – we are arriving the violin-maker-village of Mittenwald pretty soon.

A tourist idyll is waiting for us but luckily enough, we found enough free parking space at the train station. And just like at the stops we had before, we are drawing the attention of many passer-by, probably more attention that the group of high-class sports cars from Zuffenhausen, who arrives at the same time with probably the same idea than we had.

ap Herbstausfahrt

So, we are heading for the pedestrian area and an Italien restaurant which offers enough space for 40-50 people. I am already thinking that the kitchen will get in trouble and I am right and because of that, the lunch-break ist more like 100 minutes instead of the planned 75 minutes. But that does not bother us much even it is already time for some people to leave us, because they have a far drive home. That`s to bad because I am missing a closer look at the milano-red Honda Civic Type R of Chris and at the BMW from Adis.

Fifth stage: Mittenwald-Klais-Garmisch-Riegsee
For the rest of us it`s time for the last stage. Talking about Honda – I accept Armins invitation and join him in his Type R which comes with a Rotex compressor and 330 hp. Armins wife offers me her passenger seat and joins Jörg in his very well done Seat Ibiza 6j SC FR. Jörg is Armins uncle so we also have a little family trip going on here, which is really nice. We choose the street which goes up to the Kranzberg and follow the way to Klais, passing the Schmalsee lake. Arriving Klais we decide to take the main street to Garmisch, because there will be enough gas stations for all the thirsty cars. Another great moment of this stage: Almost 30 tuning cars passing a tunnel at the same time. Thats a way of happiness which can probably only be understood by car people but for me – priceless. After that, we are heading to Murnau and from there to a parking area between Riegsee and Froschhausersee.

Time for some last pictures and a last view at our group. I have to excuse myself not to mention every car and all the modifications here in this little article. But from Stefans E36 till the very rare Mitsubishi Galant with an engine-swap from Constantin – every car was worth taking a second look and all the pictures can describe this better than any of my words could possibly do it.

This was just a perfect day – people, cars, weather, route – all was great. So not much to wonder, that the people already started to ask about the next road trip.

Now, finally the sun is slowly going down in a red fireball. And so its also time for us to leave. The last six cars are rolling slowly back to Munich and because it was just such a good time and we don`t want it to end, we make another rest in Starnberg for dinner and some coffee. Guys, girls – it was great to hit the street with you all! See you soon!

Text: Andreas Leffler
Bilder: STH Car Photography, YP Photography, Andreas Leffler

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