VW Passat B6 – Workhorse, sales-representative-car and sometimes even a ton of fun


> 24th February 2017

The all new ap-coilover-kit is reason enough for me to take a deeper look at one of the most german cars of all german cars – the Volkswagen Passat. For centuries now, it is one of the best-liked cars of all house-owners, dog-owners and of course one of the favorite company cars, at least in Germany. And for some years now, the car from Wolfsburg is also liked by the car-tuning scene. For all of that reasons, you can find it everywhere on german streets.

Basically I should probably love the Passat because it was introduced to the public first time in the year I was born, so that was a long time ago. We are talking the 70`s! But when I got my drivers license my dad tried really hard to convince me to get a used but safe and reliable Passat at the Volkswagendealership around the corner of my parents house. It was a sedan in a golden color and it looked perfect for a retired couple. But I was not even 20 years old and ready to conquer the world, so I rather chose a sporty Opel Manta. Recaro seats instead of storage space. At least I grew up and so did the Passat.

The Passat B6 – an overview
It was built between 2005 and 2010 with very many different engines. It started with a 102 hp gasoline engine up to the sporty 300 hp R36 and of course, there have been a lot of diesel engines also. Well, basically the Passat offers a lot of stuff, not just room and storage space. It also offers reliable technic, good workmanship like and at least in Germany – a lot of possibilities for tuning from the after-market. Soccer-mom-car meets showwinner. If you search the internet for the car, you may find some tests who tell you stories of some technical troubles at the first years, the car was made, like a broken sensor.

My test-car
But this is none of our business, because my test-car is a year 2010 model and at the end of the production time of a car, usually all little flaws have been fixed. My car could have been a company car or a car of a blue-color worker. The combination of station wagon and the economical 105 hp diesel engine is a good hint for that. It is equipped with the business package (did I say company car?), heated seats, cruise control, automatic-climate-control and the audio-system RCD 310 which is also pretty ok. All that together makes it good ride for everybody who is looking for a budget-priced and practical car.

On the road
All-around-vision? No problem. Luggage space volume? 603-1731 liters – more than I would ever need! Space conditions for the passengers? Generous! Sitting-position? Good! So, lets go! I have to put the pretty big key into this slot and I need a moment to understand the „push again and also push the clutch“ combination will start the car. I also look around to find the hand-break. It`s a button left of the light-switch. Oh, it is an electronic parking brake and I don`t like electronic parking brakes as much as I dislike those semi „keyless go“ systems where you have no key but you still need to put this modern plastic „boxes“ into a slot. For me, keyless means the key stays in the pocket or I do have a real key and I start the car with it – oldschool – you know what I mean?! But thats pretty much it – no more complaints. Driving? Of course, it drives a little unagitated. The 1.6 liter diesel engine with the 105 hp is doing its job pretty much ok, especially together with the 5-speed manual-gear. I mean, it wont give you thrills and chills but it will bring you to your destination without any trouble.

The design
In my opinion, the Passat is like the most Volkswagen cars neither really beautiful nor ugly. But the Passat B6 maybe the most beautiful of all Passats so far and especially as a candy-white station-wagon, like my test-car, I see some potential. Put black 18 or 19 inch wheels on it instead those ugly 16 inch steel-wheels, put some dark-black-foil at the rear windows and lower it a bit with a new suspension and you already have a pretty neat looking car which may also fit your daily needs.

VW Passat B6

The suspension
Talking about the suspension: the young suspension brand ap Sportfahwerke now offers a coilover kit for the VW Passat B6 including the R36 top-model . The Passat B6 was built from 2005-2010. The new suspension kit offers an approved height adjustment up to 65 mm for the B6 and up to additional 45 mm for the R36. The parallel adjustment of sportiness, comfort and safety offers an optimal setup. The new suspension kit is now available at a special offer price of 549,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT plus shipping.

Text: Andreas Leffler
Pictures: Andreas Leffler

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