The fast and low 9 – Today: Denis and his BMW E36 Coupe


> 6th. october 2017

The ap-girl-photoshoot is our annual top-event, together with the tuning-community in Germany.
After countless applications and a casting-process over many month, we were finally ready for a adrenalized weekend, full of cool cars and hot girls. As a part of this event, we would like to introduce you to 9 different cars who have two things in common. They all have been an essential part of the photoshoot and they all are equipped with an ap-suspension. That is reason enough for us, to ask all the drivers some questions.

The car
My car is a BMW E36 Coupe from the year 1995. The paint is in BMW motorsports-white and in the moment, the car has 225 hp.

Why did you choose a E36 Coupe?
Well, basically BMW is in my blood. My dad used to have BMW`s all the time and to be honest, I think I was made in a BMW. Do I need to mention that all my first cars have been BMWs also? Of course, back at that days I did not have a lot of money, so I bought pretty old and beat up ones. But there came the day when I had enough money (and some money from the bank) to buy a nice E36. Not being to smart in my young years, I did a lot of racetrack driving with it and so it was in a pretty bad shape after some time. For many cars, this would have been the end, but for my car, it was just the beginning.

That sounds interesting. Please, tell us what happened?
I thought I should just try my luck and I applied for a german TV show called „Die Autoprofis“. I was really not believing, that they would give me a shot and all the selection procedure needed almost a year anyway, so I was not thinking much about it. But suddenly I got a call and I was in the top 10, shortly after in the top 5. A TV team showed up and made some test shots with me and my car. And guess what, they invited me into the show. The show was about „fixing cars of people“ and they completely fixed my car. How great was that?! But shortly after, the bad luck came back. My dad died and I was devastated. He was a big DTM motorsports-fan and I thought I will rebuild the car in his memory the way he would have liked it. And I was lucky again. A company named „rolling on chrome“ helped me to find sponsoring for the car and they did a lot for me. For that, I had to agree that the car has to be on certain fairs and shows within a year and I had to make sure to be there on time.

Great story! So, what do you think how much money is in the car?
I think it will be about 40.000 Euro.

What makes the car special?
Original M-front-bumper, SRS TEC side-skirts and rear bumper and a Rieger wing. All painted in BMW motorsports white and with safety-car stickers. It has BMW motorsports 24m wheels in the color of the car and an ap-Sportfahrwerke coilover-kit. The interior is a mixture of white leather, grey leather and grey Alcantara with M-decorative stitching. I am currently working on the Wiechers roll-bar in blue. The audio system is from Rockford Fosgate and of course I made some changes on the engine. It is a 2.8 liter BMW engine with upgraded intake-mainfold and software.

You are pretty well known in the german car-scene. Where can we meet you?
I am vice-president of the BMW club Germany. That means, you can meet me on all kinds of BMW meetings. But I also like other car-shows. Everybody how knows me, is aware that the Rockford Fosgate Tuning Days and the „Tuningszene Karlsruhe“ are very special to me. I am a car-salesman in real life and I am on the internet with my own „car-scene-report“ at: All in all I can say, cars are my life. I started with „tuning“ in the age of 14 with my first little motorbike and I still spend my whole summers with cars, tuning and all this.

Do you have and dreams, wishes and goals left in your car-life?
Well I do as much as possible myself, when it comes to rebuilding the car. And even if it may sound funny, in the moment I am looking to produce as much attrition as possible the next years. But I also bought a BMW series-1 as a daily driver and I think I will soon change some things at this one too. My personal dream car would be a BMW E30 M3 Cecotto.

Text: Denis Marasciulo & Andreas Leffler (Asphalthelden)
Pictures: Fotostudio [x]

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