The fast and low 9 – Today: Hendrik and his VW T5


> 19th september 2017

The ap-girl-photoshoot is our annual top-event, together with the tuning-community in Germany.
After countless applications and a casting-process over many month, we were finally ready for a adrenalized weekend, full of cool cars and hot girls. As a part of this event, we would like to introduce you to 9 different cars who have two things in common. They all have been an essential part of the photoshoot and they all are equipped with an ap-suspension. That is reason enough for us, to ask all the drivers some questions.

The car
My car today is a Volkswagen T5 Multivan from the year 2006. When I bought it, it had 174 hp and it`s actually my daily-driver. But being a car-guy all around, I could not resist to also rebuild this one.

Why did you choose a T5 Multivan?
Basically I am just a Volkswagen guy. Most people know me because of my Volkswagen Golf 1 convertible. It has about 330 hp and I am driving 1/4 mile races with it. As an example, I got second place at Speednations with it. Other than that, I drove lots of Volkswagen and I also own some more besides the T5 and the Golf. The thing is, I have family now, and that means that I need some space and this is why I bought the T5.

High as a bus or low and fast?
It`s not high anymore. It has an ap-Sportfahrwerke coilover-kit and together with the IB 20 inch rims (with 245/40 / 275/35 tires) it looks pretty low and mean by now. The car is black, so it also got black lights and black/red backlights. I also did put some Alcantara and leather in the inside. The biggest thing in the moment is the engine rebuild. At the moment it has an output of 250 hp with a big intercooler and a stage 2 upgrade supercharger.

Looks like that you do invest a lot of time and money in your car-hobby?
Absolutely. But it was worse before I got family. Back in the days I was 6 days a week in the garage. But when you have a little child, things are changing. Priorities are changing. Suddenly you want to spend time with your family and so I am pretty much down to 2 days a week in the garage, working on the cars. But still, I love car-tuning. 20 years of doing this can not be forgotten very easily. When I buy a car, I know right away how it is supposed to look like and what I am going to do with it. I am a car-mechanic, so most of my life it was hobby and job all in once. But now, I work as a sales person at Boost Products.

What are you doing in your every day car-life?
I take the T5 and pull the Golf to different events with it. Having a lot of friends in the car scene of my hometown here, I am pretty busy with the car community all the time. Every end of the season I also organize a final cruise for the people here in the Berlin area. We started with about 5 cars, now we are about 40.

Do you have anymore dreams, wishes and goals for your car-life?
I like the Golf 1 and the Rallye Golf. We will see what will happens next. I will keep working on the engine of the bus and I believe that OEM style will stay in focus. I dislike lots of plastic stuff on cars, loud exhaust systems without power and all this wanna-be-tuning which is usually funded by the banks.

Text: Hendrik Papke & Andreas Leffler (Asphalthelden)
Pictures: Fotostudio [x] , MP-Stylez

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