A german star with a new suspension Mercedes E-class Coupe (207)


> 14th december 2017

If you read my articles once in a while, you may think that I am becoming a big fan of Mercedes Benz. Well, it was not always like that but all the last cars from Stuttgart, which I got to test-drive, performed somewhere between good and great. So, I was really happy that the all-new ap-Sportfahrwerke coilover-kit for the E-class coupe (207) gave me the opportunity to spend a day with the car. Let`s go, jump into the upgraded seats, turn the key and hit the road.

The E-class Coupe
The history of Mercedes Benz is rich and full of automobile legends and dreams made of steel and engines. But the history of the Mercedes E-class coupe is actually not that long. After the C124 generation there was the CLK and many years later the generation 207 brought finally back the E-class coupe. You can choose engines from 163-408 hp and besides the great styling everybody may find his perfect car from nice and modest up to a super chic mean-machine. You may also choose between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. But whatever you may prefer the car ist definitely a head-turner.

My test-car
Today, I am driving a 250 CDI. That means 204 hp, 2,2 liter diesel, rear-wheel-drive and in my case with the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. I think this is a good mixture for every-day use and fun, especially because my car comes with the AMG package and the 19 inch rims. To be honest, I am not really into silver painted cars, but this one, together with the bright nappa leather seats (alpaca-grey) looks pretty nice.

First contact
Let`s talk about the price first. I am about to enter a car which was way over 70.000 Euro when it was new. Now, it has a milage from a bit more than 50.000 kilometers and you can buy it for around 25.000 Euro. That is a lot of car for your money. You will get a fancy looking Benz with a very complete configuration for the price of a compact-car. Love at first sight? Absolutely!

Like I already said, the upgraded seats are just wonderful. They are not only looking good, the also fit me perfectly. You can sit pretty low and the backrest is high enough for tall people. You will also find a „bazillion“ electric ways to adjust your seat and your steering wheel to find a perfect position. And after you have found your „position“ you may be happy that the car comes with the „memory package“ as well as heated and ventilated seats. So, now you already know my interior highlight. As you may expect, the rest of the interior is nicely done and looks upscale. That all-over „good finish“ is also mentioned in many other tests, where the good quality E-class coupe is mentioned. Of course, we could talk now about the many extras like LED daytime-running-light, the Command-navigation system, the camera or about the many other things but we won`t. We won`t because some will say „all that is mandatory for a car like that“, others, like me“ are not interest so much in these electronic helpers anyway. I am interested in the great Harman Kardon surround audio system, in the perfect grip of the multifunction-steering-wheel, in the big sunroof for a convertible feeling and in the frameless side windows. It may almost snow today in Germany but in my head I am cruising down the Croisette in Cannes, passing the palms and beauties with big-boom sound out of my car and that is the place where cars like this belong anyway.

On the road
Realty says: Windows and sunroof stay closed but I need the wipers and my heated seats. It`s a cold late November day and heavy rain is poring down. But it`s nice and cosy in here and the car does not show and weaknesses. The steering is sporty but not to nervous, the acceleration is discreet but steady and the 7-point-something seconds form 0-100 km/h from the brochure seem realistic to me. A long-distance traveling car, a sporty coupe, a good friend for every-day use, a place for rest and coolness. Talking about „every-day use“, the 450 liter size of the trunk should be enough for your vacation trip or you weekend shopping. So, the bottom line is, the E-class coupe lifts you up from the every-day-car-experience to a higher level of driving. My Benz is my castle and this castle managed now, to be number one on my wish list for a daily-driver-car.

The suspension
If you are looking for a bit more „action“ and „cornering races“, you can take a look at the all new ap coilover kit for all E-class coupes (207) with rear wheel drive. Beside a sporty driving behavior, the coilover kit developed by ap Sportfahrwerke also allows a variable lowering. In the context of the part certificate, a lowering of 20-45 mm at the front axle and 15-45 mm at the rear axle can be selected. You will get the ap coilover suspension already from 569 Euro.

Text: Andreas Leffler
Bilder: Andreas Leffler

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