The weather god loves GTI – GTI meeting at the Wörthersee 2018


> 25th May 2018

Just like in the last few years, the weather god was also this year on the side of the GTI fans and brought up four awesome VW days around the Wörthersee. Ascension Day is GTI’s time and although the Tuning World Bodensee took place at exactly the same time, VW fans from all over the world made their trip to Reifnitz. We have heard that even groups from South Africa and one American (of course with VW) were there. Also this year, we recognized many changes and want to say: The GTI meeting is changing. It goes further into the direction of the past. Motto of this year was: Passion.Family.Friends.

As in the years before, also this year there was a motorcade, champagne breakfast for the ladies, club challenges on the rubber course and also one or the other celebrity came to visit the lake – for example the German singer Andreas Gabalier, who was available to the fans for numerous autographs and selfies and he also heated up on the stage.

VW itself is no longer using the GTI meeting to present the other brands of the group. The large stands of Audi, Seat or even Skoda have disappeared from the scene in Reifnitz since years. The VW booth was an eye-catcher like every year and a place to meet at the GTI meeting – No stand is bigger, more magnificent and so eventful. Our highlight this year: The observation deck directly at the VW booth. Here you had an unforgettable view over the Wörthersee as well as what was going on at the VW stand and in the streets – wonderful.

But also on the other exhibition places, there is always plenty to see and experience. Due to the retreat of the sister companies, there is now more space available for the actual stars of the event – the cars. Elaborately restored, built up and tuned, they make a strong figure and attract the crowds. Also this year there were numerous promotion activities from manufacturers, for example at the DOTZ booth there was a hot bodypainting show with hot promo girls every day. Also on the rubber course many tires were brought to burst and in the evening, DJ sounds invited to celebrate and dance.

After all, there were hardly any incidents this year. At least we did not really hear anything. It was a great party for all GTI fans. This looked a lot different years ago with more party temples and bustle. Only at the unofficial pre-meetings there were more incidents this year than usual. Fights, illegal road races, burnouts, noise pollution, traffic offenses and malfeasance were caused every day by some “fans”. Although it is the minority, these incidents still throw a bad picture on such a great event.


The Wörthersee was very well visited again this year – we assume similar to last year but we are still waiting for the numbers. The weather god has done his best again. There was a lot to see what we all love and that’s why we will come back next year again and look forward to all GTI fans.

Thanks to all visitors at our booth and the great time at the lake.

ap Sportfahrwerke

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