RACEISM EVENT 2015 – also in poland there is a trendy tuning scene !!!!

While we in germany dedicated ourselves the great ap photoshoot, the ap scene photographer Peter Herforth went to the 780 km distant Opole. You don’t know Opole – I can promise you from now on you know it. There the not only known in Poland Raceism Event 2015 took place at the weekend.

Raceism is also known for a good location choice. Last year, the event took place in the football stadium Wrozlaw and offered a great scenery. This year the event took place on the big Expo grounds in Opole and this was a good thing. Around 100 vehicles could be placed indoor and outdoor 500 cars found their parking space.

Who was on the spot, saw excellent built showcars in abundance, but also performance oriented tuner took the opportunity to present their vehicles. Impressive is the internationality of the event and the participants. Who might ridiculed the tuning scene in Poland in the past, has to make a completely rethink after this event. Our photographer was particularly pleased that he got vehicles in front of the lens which he had never seen in the German and also recent European scene.

RACEISM EVENT 2015 - Peter Herforth (148)Nevertheless, the German scene was also there with some high class cars. For example the Audi TT from Ingolstadt was selected for the BEST CAR.

How many visitors were on site is always difficult to assess, and we do not have any official figures but we expect a lot more than 5000 visitors.

In addition to the vehicles it was also provided for a first-rate program whether the drift show or at the aftershow party, boredom did not come on.

In summary, this event gets from us the rating highly recommended. So check this out in the future. For all those who were there, it would be great if you comment your event opinion on our FB page.

Editor: Rocky S.
Photo and information: Peter Herforth

Video: MK Produktions

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