Liberty Walk M4


The most visually outspoken part of the tuning world is undoubtedly the widebody conversions from names like Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny / Pandem, and Rauh-Welt (RWB). However, as such Widebody transformations are a relatively rare sight the BMW M4 pictured here not only attracts the attention of car enthusiasts, but also drivers and pedestrians alike.

In a co-operative venture, JM Cardesign and Mau – Meisterbetrieb für Lackier-/Karosseriearbeiten (Master painter and bodywork specialist) have dressed a brand new BMW M4 Coupé in a spectacular Liberty Walk outfit and upgraded its suspension, wheels and exhaust with the best products from European tuning specialists. The Liberty Walk widebody conversion, which includes a front spoiler lip and matching side skirts, gives the M4 Coupé a broad-shouldered appearance and aggressive stance on the road.

However, as JM Cardesign and Mau were not enthused with the rather overt Liberty Walk rear wing and underbody diffuser, they used the Hamann Motorsport carbon-fibre rear wing, and Akrapovic carbon-fibre diffuser instead. The titanium sports exhaust system is from the Akrapovic Evolution Line, and features a steering wheel controlled sound flap and carbon-fibre trim on its four outlets.

With reduced backpressure for more power, this lightweight exhaust delivers a deeper, more mellifluous soundtrack that supports the cars powerful image. Building on the unique and bespoke, the choice of alloy wheels resulted in the set of Competec C01 three-piece design whose drop forged ten-spoke centres are colour-coded to the M4’s bodywork and encircled by glossy black outer rims. These 9.5 and 12.5×20-inch wheels are shod with 255/30R20 and 325/25R20 Continental Sport Contact 5P tyres.

As this custom wheel / tyre combination incorporates the correct offsets for the right look under the big arches, wheel spacers are not required. Meanwhile, an adjustable coilover suspension with JM Cardesign’s in-house Nürburgring setup provides the appropriate ride height and optimises the handling for road and track. JM Cardesign and Mau are very proud of the fact that their Liberty Walk M4 meets the stringent German approval standards, and is thus 100% road legal.


More information is available from:
JM Cardesign // E-Mail: Web:
Sascha Mau Meisterbetrieb für Lackier-/Karosseriearbeiten // Web:

Pictures and Text: JM Cardesign // Mau


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