END OF SEASON 2015 – Let’s go to Deggendorf


The tuning community was invited by the NightStreetRacer Club to Deggendorf on saturday the 10th of october for their end-of-season meeting. To be honest, I wasn`t sure if I should go there for quiet a while. First it`s a 180 kilometer drive and second, our weather was everything between sunny, foggy, rainy and cloudy in the last days, so I didn`t know what to expect.

Well, saturday morning arrived and when I looked out of my kitchen-window, it was that much fog that it was actually almost impossible to see more the 10 meters. On the other side, this was the first event for quiet a while which already started at 9 o clock am. That means, I have a whole day of time and daylight for great pictures. And in addition, I would probably see some new cars which I haven`t seen so far.

That is because normally I am visiting events in the Munich/Augsburg area and not that far away. And for a third reason, the event organizer promised to give a part of the money for bone marrow donation. Ok, count me in, I did grab my camera and my girlfriend and shortly after I was heading into the east of bavaria.

No crashes on the interstate today, no big construction works going on, no traffic jams! Wow, thats a good surprise and more than that – we were not running out of luck. The area of the event was very well chosen, it was right at the Donau promenade. That means – enough distance to the city but still close enough and right in the middle of a very nice setting. More than that, everything else looked very well organized. Public Restrooms were nearby and at the event they did sell coffee, cake, sandwiches, drinks and they even had a chicken truck. And in addition there was a little resting area with enough sitting accommodations to enjoy a meal and to have a chat. On top of all that, the weather was way nicer than it was in the morning at our house. So it was time to check the cars.

The first thing to mention was a really big majority of german cars. Second thing we noticed was that there have been remarkable many very nice engine bays as well as interior works and of course some big sound systems. Being not that young anymore myself, I was really excited about all the classics from the 70s and 80s. A whole lot of BMW`s from that years were perfectly lined up with two series 6 as my personal favorites. I personally also loved the Opel Manta GSI (which I drove when I was 19 or 20 years old) and an old beetle but there have been so many more young & old VW`s, Opels, Audis and Fords. In addition there have been two Jaguars, a XJ and a X-Type. Haven`t seen a Jag on a tuning event for a very long time.

In the opposite to the many german cars, there could only be found very few Japanese cars. My three favorites here were a Mitsubishi Lancer with a very Japanese style engine bay, a Honda S2000 which looked like a perfect Fast & Furious car and a Honda Civix with 330 hp. Talking about the Civic, this car is also signed in to our fall cruise by the end of the month. So I started to have a chat with the owners while at the same time the rats arrived. Of course – because there have been trophies for the best rat as well as for the car with the smallest amount of hp, the longest journey to the event, the top 25 of the best cars and the oldest car. Talking about the oldest car – there was this old little Fiat, which was probably not the oldest car at the area, but it basically was just packed with batteries a gigantic soundsystem, kind a liked this one, too.

At the end I have to say, it was a very positive surprise. The whole event made a good and professional impression from A-Z. Everything you could wish was there, the atmosphere was great, the cars were interesting and the winner of the DB contest did not only get a trophy, he also won a power amp from ARS, worth 150 Euro. Finally I have to say, I am really happy that I did make the decision to go there and I have to thank the NightStreetRacer crew for a great day.

Pictures: Andreas Leffler

Auditor: Andreas Leffler

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