The fast and low 9 – Today: Tobias and his Golf 6


> 1st September 2017

The ap-girl-photoshoot is our annual top-event, together with the tuning-community in Germany.
After countless applications and a casting-process over many month, we were finally ready for a adrenalized weekend, full of cool cars and hot girls. As a part of this event, we would like to introduce you to 9 different cars who have two things in common. They all have been an essential part of the photoshoot and they all are equipped with an ap-suspension. That is reason enough for us, to ask all the drivers some questions.

The car
My car is a Volkswagen Golf 6 from the year 2009. It is probably a pretty unique project because it used to be a regular Golf 1.4 with only 80 hp. Now, it is a race-car with about 400 hp.

Why did you choose a Golf 1.4 when you have been looking for something fast anyway?
Well, the Golf 6 is the most beautiful Golf of all time to me and from the very beginning I wanted to build my own, very special und unique car, which will never be a series-car.

Sounds interesting but also expensive. How much money did you already invest in the project?
Jesus, I think thats about 27.000 Euro.

Well, so tell us how to build a 400 PS race-car Golf!
First it was a rebuild to a 2.0 TFSI engine from the Golf R, including a 6-gear stick shift with the gearbox of the Audi S3 and some TTS 8J components. I also added: TTS 8J engine-cover, HG Motorsport intake, Wagner Competition intercooler, Forge SUV, Sachs Sinter metal clutch, flywheel, 3’’ Downpipe, 3’’ valve-exhaust with carbon output-valves and some other minor changes. The car is also equipped with GTP LX Gold 8,5×19 rims, 215/35 Nankang Ultrasport tires and an ap-Sportfahrwerke coilover-kit with super-low springs.

That explains something! How about the looks?
Bumper and side-skirts from the Golf 6R. Roof spoiler from the GTI as well as extra wide (3cm more wide than regular) Mücke GFK fenders. The car is painted in candy-white with a partial black (matt) car-wrapping and some glossy black detail paintings.
Interior: Recaro Sportster CS leather-seats, a Wiechers roll-bar, a Wiechers Domstrebe strut brace at the back, a R-line Alcantara steering-wheel, a strut brace at the front and not to forget – I removed the backseats.
I also added some car-audio: The spare-wheel-recess is filled with a 30cm Ampire subwoofer. There is also a hidden Ampire power amp, a double-Din-radio with navigation and CAN Bus and the front system is completely rebuilt with Focal Audio tweeters and midrange-speakers.

That is really a one of a kind project. So, I assume your life is pretty much packed with the „tuning“ topic?
So to say. Since I am 19, this is pretty much the focus of my life. Of course, I try to do as much as I can myself on the car but there are also some other people involved, like Markus Scheid, who is also here today. I am not a member of any club but I try to go to as many tuning-events and car-shows as possible. Not to forget, I love to be a part of the Ap-Sportfahrwerke and Asphalthelden events like the grill-out or the summer-cruise.

What do you think about car-tuning today and in the future?
I think that elegance and subtle rebuilds have a lot of future but i do not believe in big GFK-kits. Personally, I already built my dream and I am only scared of the time, when my first turbo will die. But I am probably never done, so there will also be now modifications for the next seasons. You can follow the story of my car at:

Text: Tobias Bobinger & Andreas Leffler (Asphalthelden)
Pictures: Fotostudio [x] , MP-Stylez, Unlimited-Customs

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